Amid the many adults in their lives, mentors shine an especially bright light for young people in need of support. We become guiding stars, nurturing them and helping them navigate life with more trust in themselves and a greater chance of success.

During my inspired journey as a mentor, helping young people in (Alberton, Katlehong, Palm Ridge, Soweto, and Thokoza), I've come to realise that to truly thrive in life, young people need more than just goals to focus on: they need positive human connections. The positive bond they share with mentors like me matters most deeply in their journeys to adulthood. Committed mentors can teach a young person in need to trust themselves, make transformative life choices, and navigate doubt with positivity.

And let me share a secret: mentorship is not simply a one-on-one relationship. We see more success in our work when young people form deep and varied relationships with groups of people, other young people like themselves, and other mentors who they can look up to as well.

It’s a constellation of relationships that can truly help young people change their lives for the better!

At i4118 Foundation, we believe in this approach to mentoring and have seen it bring joy, meaning, and positive growth to our communities of young people.

If you want to help unlock the boundless potential of young people in our communities and join a community of committed mentors, then we want to hear from you!

Gavin Meyers



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