Becoming a Mentor


We are looking for passionate individuals with a heart for children and relationships.

1. A good mentor is not selfish; does not try and impress others. A mentor is humble, thinking of others as better than themselves. (Philippians 2:3 NLT)

2. A good mentor will be someone whose lifestyle portrays strong consistent values and who is a strong role model. (Genesis 18, 1 Timothy 3:4-5)

3. A good mentor will be willing to not only share his great victories in life, but also his great struggles and failures. They will be transparent with his or her experiences and able to share their life experiences.

4. A good mentor will exhibit integrity, honesty, kindness, respect, courage, and self-discipline. A mentor will maintain high standards.

5. A good mentor will often be required to do a lot more listening than speaking.

Attributes of a good listener:

          a. Showing interest in the topic being discussed.

          b. Paying full attention.

          c. Allowing ample time for the other person to express themselves.

          d. Exercising patience without being aggravated


6. A sign of a good mentor is not what they build externally, but what they can build within others. A mentor has a strong ability to teach others.

7. The motivation of a good mentor is based on the eight factors of Spiritual Wisdom (James 3:17-18).

  1. Pure of Heart
  2. Peaceable
  3. Approachable
  4. Full of Mercy
  5. Full of Good Fruit
  6. Without Partiality
  7. Without Hypocrisy
8. A good mentor exemplifies the characteristics of a good coach. Good coaches are not necessarily the best players in their field of expertise, but they know how to inspire to be the best they can be. An ability to build-up and encourage others.

9. A good mentor is someone who knows how to criticize mistakes without criticizing the person. They are tactful but direct.

10. A good mentor is able to give advice or direction and then withdraw, exhibiting respect.

11. A good mentor will set accomplishable short-term and long-term goals and is able to set Godly goals.

May we all desire to become the mentor that God intended for us to be!



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