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Philanthropy the practice of giving money and time to help make life better for other people" and is often driven by a deep passion, often directed towards a cause or just a desire to pass on knowledge and expertise.  

Millions of people give of their time and talents to help make a difference in their community. Something as simple as serve food at a soup kitchen or making thank you or bed gifts is considered philanthropic.

You can also do your part by sharing knowledge and other helpful resources on a particular subject. A few examples include:

• Career professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs can offer time to help e.g.

    o A Graphic artist might volunteer their talent to create artwork for         marketing material.

    o A MD might volunteer to help create a business plan.

    o A Lawyer might give legal advice for free.

• Adults may sign up to mentor a teen. Men and Ladies of Honour is a great example of this.

Even if you don't have the funds to donate to a particular cause, it is still possible to demonstrate philanthropy through your time and talents. Become part of the trend to help those in need.

By Allison Martin Grant and Research Administrator