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Royal Family KIDs is an international camp and mentorship program designed for abused and neglected children, aged 8-12, and has been runing since 2003.

The uniqueness of Royal Family KIDs five day camp program is that it is focused on individual attendtion, with an adult to child ration of 1 to 2, which allows the selfworth of the children to be enriched and their resilience built up. It also helps the children realise that their are adults out there that they can trust while helping to build happy memories for them.

The Royal Family KIDs Mentorship is an extension of the camp program that allows volunteers the oppertunity to invest more into the lives of the children, with a ration of 1 adult to 1 child. The mentors spend a total of four hours per month for 10 months with their mentees' which futhur strengthens the childs sense of self worth.